Tonto's Barn


Tontos Barn is just a small hobby farm and was established in 2006, but raised Pygmies then. Nigerians were added in 2007 and are now what makes up Tonto's Barn. Tonto's Barn is owned and operated soly by me, Logan Corn. Tonto's Barn is nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina between Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC. Tontos Barn got started out by raising unregistered pygmy goats, then at the vets office one day a Nigerian buckling was there getting dehorned and of course the color caught my eye, as to which catches many eyes for the Nigerian breed since they do come in such an aray of colors. This is when Tonto's  Barn got there first registered Nigerian Dwarf, Savage Wind Wild Tonto Boy, since then Tonto's Barn has been raising quality show and milk goats. I breed two goats together that compliment each other the best and improve faults in their kids that might of been passed on by one or the other. My goats are handled daily so my kids are use to human contact by the time they are weaned. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Thanks for checking out our Nigerians and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

In 2012, Holland Lop Rabbits were added to the farm, the smallest of all the lop breeds. Smith's lines are the foundation for the rabbitry. I haven't started showing my rabbits yet as goat shows and rabbit shows seem to have always fallen on the same weekends, but hopefully I will be able to show my rabbits in the coming future.

In 2013, the biggest majority of the Nigerian herd was sold due to preparing for my college career. A few Nigerians were kept along just to keep around as pets and to do some breeding. Also brought in an Old English Southdown Babydoll sheep, he is only a wether but is cute as could be, hopefully will be adding a ewe or two and a ram to try and help preserve this heritage breed sheep. Their fine fiber and tender meat make them a dual purpose sheep.

                   ENTIRE HERD CAE NEGATIVE DECEMBER 2011. 2010. 2009.

Prayer of the Goat

by Cameren Bernos de Gasztold 

Lord, let me live as I will!

A little giddiness of heart,

the strange taste of unknown flowers.

For whom else are Your mountains?

Your snow wind? These springs?

The sheep do not understand.

They graze and graze,

all of them, and always in the same direstion,

and then eternally

chew the cud of the their insipid routine.

But I---I love to bound to the heart of all

Your Marvels,

leap Your chasms,

and, my mouth stuffed with intoxicating grasses,

quiver with an adventurer's delight

on the summit of the world!

Tonto's Barn Johnnie Walker Red                                     

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